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  Favorite Books
A few of my favorite books. I find simply reading these books a healing experience.........

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Individual Psychotherapy:

Guiding trauma recovery, strengthening inner resources, and supporting desired changes for adults and adolescents.

Couples and Family Counseling:

Developing healthy relationships by building communication skills and confronting individual issues to work towards shared goals.


A psychotherapeutic method that taps into your natural healing ability.


Enhancing self-discovery and relationship work through use of nine basic personality types.


Guiding universal life force energy through the hands to engage the body’s healing process.

Past Life Regression Therapy:

Guided, focused and relaxed concentration to explore past existences and address deep-seated causes of current problems.

Intuitive Guidance:

Psychic readings.

Brief Solution-Focused Therapy:

For “fine-tuning” your life or addressing current obstacles and immediate goals with a focus on the present.

Help Yourself

Resources for your own use.


Client Testimonial

The time that Kathie has spent working with me has been so valuable to me. The things I have learned from working with her have truly help me in times of need. I will never stop wanting to talk to her and go to her for love and encouragement.

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