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Guiding universal life force energy through the hands to engage the body’s healing process.

Reiki translates from the Japanese as "universal life force energy." As a Reiki practitioner, I am able to focus this healing energy and allow it to go where it is needed. With my client lying in a relaxed position, I use my hands to channel and focus Reiki, which generally works through the seven primary chakras, or energy centers, of your body. My Reiki work is enhanced by the use of meditative music and an acoustically vibrating lounge chair.

I offer Reiki as an independent healing service and as an addition to the psychotherapeutic process. As part of psychotherapy, I have found Reiki particularly valuable when there is a physical complaint, when talk therapy and EMDR aren’t opening things up, or when a client wants to take a break from intensive EMDR or other work. Reiki can bring about great changes, harnessing unlimited healing energy that often triggers key insights into clients’ situations. And whatever else is going on, it is very relaxing and calming.


Client Testimonial

From the first time I met Kathie, I knew that she was special. Through the work I did with her, I found answers within myself to questions I never dreamt of asking. Today, I know that I can handle my life's challenges. Kathie played a crucial role in my healing and for this I will be forever grateful.

--Graduate Student
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