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New Moon Counseling Methods listed here.
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A psychotherapeutic method that taps into your natural healing ability.


Enhancing self-discovery and relationship work through use of nine basic personality types.


Guiding universal life force energy through the hands to engage the body’s healing process.

Past Life Regression Therapy:

Guided, focused and relaxed concentration to explore past existences and address deep-seated causes of current problems.

Intuitive Guidance:

Psychic readings.

Brief Solution-Focused Therapy:

For “fine-tuning” your life or addressing current obstacles and immediate goals with a focus on the present.

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Client Testimonial

From the first time I met Kathie, I knew that she was special. Through the work I did with her, I found answers within myself to questions I never dreamt of asking. Today, I know that I can handle my life's challenges. Kathie played a crucial role in my healing and for this I will be forever grateful.

--Graduate Student
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Message from Spirit

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Set Your Intentions
Under the New Moon, you are given the opportunity to go deep within and find your treasure. Slow down tonight, Open up to the wisdom within you. Open up to the spirits around you. Set your intentions. Sleep and wake and start anew.

Your Affirmation

"Everything happens for a reason."

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