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    • When I started seeing Kathie McIver in 2014 I was at the height of frustration. I had just been diagnosed with PTSD. The Austin SIMS foundation (a musicians' mental health agency) had referred me since she specialized in EMDR - a technique used for PTSD. I had not been to war, I grew up in a cult. I was given to the leader, reluctantly, by my mother who had joined this cult when I was only 8 years old. I managed to leave at age 22. Yet, the insidious internal dialogue that persisted in my mind from years of sexual, emotional and psychological abuse was unmanageable. I felt suicidal. I had pushed and scratched and clawed my way to a semi-normal life, but I couldn't keep up the facade anymore. There was nothing normal about my life. My father abandoned us before birth, and my childhood was insane. That was before we joined a cult. I felt I couldn't trust myself, I was plagued with flashbacks to horrible, abusive experiences. I was using alcohol to quiet the noise and try to fit in. I was ruining my relationship with my boyfriend of 12 years. My music was stunted because I was ruminating on my past.

      Every therapist I had seen before didn't seem to be treating the core of my problems. One therapist told me, "When you have flashbacks about your sexual abuse and are afraid to be with your boyfriend have a glass of wine before sex, that helps me". Another: "Take up boxing, that will help with your anger".

      In my therapy sessions with Kathie she wasn't afraid of my intensity. I yelled, she didn't even flinch. I could see she had dealt with truly dark issues before and that she wasn't out of her depth. We could argue about real philosophical issues that caused my emotional pain. She guided me to change my point of view and always reminded me that I have all the power now, and that I am now safe.

      We used EMDR, and the results were amazing. It desensitized memories I had accidentally built up for years. I say "we" because I didn't feel like she was sitting there passively judging me and assigning homework, as I had experienced with past therapists. I felt like we were working on a project TOGETHER. She agreed to bring in for sessions important people from my life to help explain to them what I was going through. She helped us develop a way to make our relationship work. She researched cult survival data and stories and helped me feel that, " I'm not crazy for feeling like an alien -- I was, in fact, raised by wolves." She also has a great sense of humor, crucial to moving forward in my humble opinion.

      I continue my work with Kathie McIver still, after years, because it's simply working for me. She has helped me continue to go to the next level in my musical career which I am now able to pursue full time. She helped me in my personal life with key relationships like no other person has ever done. Thank you, Kathie, for your commitment to making me healthy. I look forward to our continued work and I'll never forget everything you've done for me.

    • Chase Frank, Musician, songwriter, talent buyer
    • What can a person say to quickly summarize Kathie McIver’s impact on his life? She is one of the most intuitive, kind, and caring individuals I’ve ever had the good fortune to encounter. She possesses the patience and loyalty of a best friend but delivers the wisdom and unbiased views of an experienced professional. She is nurturing, giving, challenging, and compassionate. I consider her a friend and am forever grateful for all she’s given me during difficult and positive moments throughout my life.

    • Matthew McCarty, Multimedia Producer
    • Katherine McIver was immensely helpful not only during the process of a very painful divorce but also in the journey of discovering my true self. My life is so full of possibilities now. Thank you Kathie!

    • film score composer and musician
    • The time that Kathie has spent working with me has been so valuable to me. The things I have learned from working with her have truly help me in times of need. I will never stop wanting to talk to her and go to her for love and encouragement.

    • KSW
    • From the first time I met Kathie, I knew that she was special. Through the work I did with her, I found answers within myself to questions I never dreamt of asking. Today, I know that I can handle my life's challenges. Kathie played a crucial role in my healing and for this I will be forever grateful.

    • Graduate Student
    • I think that no matter where you are in your life, successful, struggling, peaceful, pained or otherwise, having someone to talk to is a positive addition. I've been sharing visits with Kathie for the last few years and it has been just that. I would say that I definitely use the tools that she has given me everyday in my relationship, my interactions with others and my career. Thank you, Kathie for being such a kind and honest guide!

    • Austin Musician
    • I love Kathie. I can share anything with her and receive gifts of honesty, compassion, love and care.

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