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Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

For “fine-tuning” your life or addressing current obstacles and immediate goals with a focus on the present.

Brief solution-focused therapy is a here-and-now and future-oriented approach. Together we clarify problem areas, look at what solutions have worked or not worked for you, and map out a clear picture of the desired changes. You leave with a definite plan and concrete steps to take toward your goal. These techniques are often especially helpful when there is no major trauma in your past and you are simply "fine-tuning" your life. They can also be applied in some aspects of deeper psychological work. Brief therapy is not my primary mode of therapy, but it's a rich field from which I frequently draw ideas.


Client Testimonial

From the first time I met Kathie, I knew that she was special. Through the work I did with her, I found answers within myself to questions I never dreamt of asking. Today, I know that I can handle my life's challenges. Kathie played a crucial role in my healing and for this I will be forever grateful.

--Graduate Student
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