Your Affirmation

"I am contributing to the good of the world."

Help Yourself

Affirmations For A Whole Life

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  1. Relaxation
  2. Chakra Prayer
  3. Welcome
  4. Affirmations for all the stages of life
  5. You Are Meant To Be Here (birth)
  6. You Are Safe (infancy)
  7. You Can Take Care of Yourself (toddler years)
  8. You Can Try Lots of Things (pre-school years)
  9. You Are Capable (school age)
  10. We Love You Just the Way You Are (adolescence)
  11. We Are All Connected (young adulthood)
  12. You Are Part of Something Much Greater Than You Can Imagine (middle age)
  13. Your Life Has Meaning (old age)
  14. Affirmations for every day
  15. Joyfully, Confidently and Wholeheartedly
  16. Open and Receptive
  17. Goodbye

Client Testimonial

Katherine McIver was immensely helpful not only during the process of a very painful divorce but also in the journey of discovering my true self. My life is so full of possibilities now. Thank you Kathie!

--film score composer and musician
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Message from Spirit

Friday, May 25, 2018

Set Your Intentions
Under the New Moon, you are given the opportunity to go deep within and find your treasure. Slow down tonight, Open up to the wisdom within you. Open up to the spirits around you. Set your intentions. Sleep and wake and start anew.

Your Affirmation

"I am unstoppable."

Help Yourself

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